Welcome to the world of Drop Bass, home to a trinity of regular Friday night 1x bet promo code events at Moles in Bath: Drop, Rocksteady and Skank Out! Scroll down to see forthcoming event flyers & an archive of previous nights. The Drop legacy started in August 2006 as a record shop on Broad Street in Bath city centre, sadly closing its doors in 2011. The name lives on through the events:

Drop at Moles has been running since 2007 and is proud to have showcased some of the best in cutting edge drum & bass, dubstep and bass culture. Drop is for the headz.

Previous artists at Drop include: Noisia, Mala (Digital Mystikz), Calyx & Teebee, Mungo's Hi-Fi, N-Type, Phace, Loefah, Break, Distance, S.P.Y, Breakage, Icicle, Pinch, Rockwell, Ulterior Motive, J:Kenzo, Jubei, Prolix, Rsd, Spectrasoul, Truth, Solo Banton, Vicious Circle, Hamilton, Remarc, Tunnidge, Bladerunner, Mikal, Run Tingz Cru, Dose NZ, Kasra, Lurka, MC Carasel & more.

Rocksteady focuses on the original dubstep & raggamuffin jungle end of the Bass Music spectrum. Starting on Wednesdays in 2008 for the core heads of Bath, Rocksteady graduated to a steady weekend slot in 2010.

Previous artists at Rocksteady include: Youngsta, Top Cat, Jakes, MRK1, T.Williams, Reso, Serum, Bar 9, Headhunter, Benny Page, Cluekid, Goth Trad Live, Funtcase, Serial Killaz, Tes La Rok, Bizzy B, Chasing Shadows, Ray Keith, Luke Envoy, Komonazmuk, Aries, Gemmy, ID, Dubboy, Gatekeeper, Lurka, Asusu, Blazey & more.

Skank Out! is a brand new night for Bath in 2012 bringing you the best in uncompromising party bass & rave music, old and new... put simply: music to make you Skank Out to!

We have lined up 2 launch parties to represent the 2 elements of Skank Out's mission statement: first the nostalgic on 16.11.12 with old skool legends THE RAT PACK aka DJ Lipmaster Mark and MC Evenson Allen, then the future on 14.12.12 (the last Friday before the prophesied 'end of the world' on 21.12.12!) with cutting edge bass wunderkid DISMANTLE, championed by the likes of Shy FX, Annie Mac and N-Type, and joining him will be unsung grime legend the ALIAS, creator of classics such as 'Gladiator' and 'Warriors' - youtube that biznizz!

Drop Records the record shop served up the finest Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Jungle, Hip Hop, Breaks, Reggae, Funk, Electronica, Old Skool Hardcore & more on vinyl & CD to the music lovers of Bath at 27 Broad Street from 2006-2011 (gone but never forgotten).

We were proud to do our bit in keeping music physical not digital and to promote the social aspect of local music scenes. Big up to all our regulars over the years, https://www.dream-trading.co.za/1xbet-promo-code-and-deposit-bonus you know who you are!

SKANK OUT! Launch Party Part 2 - Friday 14th December 2012: Dismantle // The Alias

DROP - Friday 25th January 2013: Black Sun Empire // Commodo vs Lurka

SKANK OUT! # 3 - Friday 22nd February 2013: Zinc ft MC Tippa 1xbet deposit bonus

DROP - Friday 30th November 2012: Coki (Digital Mystikz) // Mikal

SKANK OUT! Launch Party Part 1 - Friday 16th November 2012: The Rat Pack

DROP - Friday 28th September 2012: Calyx & Teebee


ROCKSTEADY - September 2012: Top Cat (Live) // Aries

DROP - August 2012: J:Kenzo // Prolix // Dose NZ

DROP x INSTINCT - June 2012: Rockwell // Hamilton // Bladerunner

ROCKSTEADY - May 2012: T.Williams // Benny Page

ROCKSTEADY - March 2012: Goth Trad (Live) // Serum

DROP - February 2012: Mungo's Hi-Fi ft Solo Banton // Run Tingz Cru

ROCKSTEADY - December 2011: MRK1 // Bizzy B

DROP - November 2011: Phace // Vicious Circle // Lurka

More archive flyers soon come.. got to dig them out!


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